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Top 5 Business Tips

We'll be sharing our top five business tips to help you
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1. Being Kaupapa-Driven in business means being guided by tikanga and purpose that is centred around the well-being and interests of our hapori, taioa, and society as a whole.

2. The impact of having a powerful vision statement:

  • Arotahi: Continue in a focused direction 
  • Kaupapa driven: Keep you on track
  • Ahurei: Unique qualities of your business 
  • Whakahihikotanga: Keeps motivation 
  • Whakaohooho: Inspires all those involved

3. Solving Problems and Adding Value in business can lead to customer satisfaction, competitive advantage, increased revenue, a strong reputation and trust, and sustainability.

4. Whanaungatanga, hononga. The time you spend in developing mutually beneficial knows, like, and trust relationships will generate results that last forever! 

5. Pakihi that stay flexible and adaptable in business can be more resilient in the face of unexpected challenges and disruptions.

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