Academy of Women Entrepreneurs

MEA, in collaboration with Stay Connected and Wotmatters, partnered with the US Embassy to bring the Academy of Women Entrepreneurs (AWE) Wāhine Māori Start-Up Wānanga to Te Taitokerau. This programme featured the Dream Builder programme and the team wove this to indigenous enterprise fundamentals.

MEA, Stay Connected, and Wotmatters teamed with the US Embassy to bring the AWE Wāhine Māori Start-Up Wānanga to Te Taitokerau, linking the Dream Builder programme with indigenous enterprise principles.

In collaboration with Wotmatters and Stay Connected, MEA partnered with the US Consulate to bring the AWE Wāhine Māori Start-Up Wānanga and Dream Builder programme to Te Taitokerau. This indigenous-led initiative received support from sponsors E Tū Whānau, BDO, and Koru Consulting, among others. Held at Te Tii Marae, the event showcased the fundamentals of indigenous enterprises and provided valuable resources from the Dream Builder Programme. Attendees benefitted from insights shared by experienced business owners and local entrepreneurs serving as judges for pitching sessions

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