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MEA collaborated with InternetNZ, supported by Toi Āria, to enhance the Internet experience for the people of Aotearoa through a comprehensive three-phase approach, uncovering diverse aspirations and shaping meaningful initiatives for the entire community.

MEA, in collaboration with InternetNZ and supported by Toi Āria, is working to enhance the Internet experience for Aotearoa through a three-phase initiative, uncovering diverse aspirations for a more impactful community-focused approach.

MEA partnered with InternetNZ to advance their mission of enhancing the Internet experience for the people of Aotearoa. Recognizing the importance of grasping diverse perspectives and community needs, our collaboration, supported by Toi Āria, a university research center specializing in effective community engagement, sought to uncover the aspirations of the Aotearoa community regarding the Internet.

Our collaborative journey comprised three key phases:

  1. Relationship Building and Framing (Phase One): Establishing meaningful connections and framing the project for effective engagement.
  2. Engagement Tools (Phase Two): We utilized a comprehensive suite of tools, such as the Comfort Board, Digital Survey Tool, Wananga: Kai, and a Yarn, to foster diverse and inclusive conversations about the Internet.
  3. Synthesis and Reporting (Phase Three): Consolidating insights from engagement activities, we synthesized the information into a comprehensive report. This report stands as a valuable resource guiding our efforts to enhance the Internet experience for the Aotearoa community.

By harnessing the collective strengths of InternetNZ, MEA, and Toi Āria, we not only deepened our understanding of Aotearoa's Internet aspirations but also laid the foundation for meaningful initiatives benefiting the entire community. Together, we are shaping a better Internet experience for Aotearoa.

Research Report

Download the research report "An Internet that benefits" here.

Watch the Hau Kainga Interviews:

Credits: Photo from InternetNZ

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