Para Kore

MEA collaborated with Para Kore to assess its existing revenue streams and formulate a strategy aimed at boosting self-reliance. This initiative sought to diminish Para Kore's dependence on government and philanthropic contributions, thereby securing greater financial autonomy.

In the year 2023, MEA joined forces with Para Kore, providing expert advice to refine and streamline Para Kore's project planning and execution processes. Para Kore's ambition to elevate the calibre and efficiency of its operations was driven by the desire to unleash the organisation's full potential.

MEA provided expert consultancy and support to Para Kore, focusing on an assessment of Para Kore's current revenue sources. The goal was to develop a detailed strategy that enhances Para Kore's ability to sustain itself independently, moving away from traditional reliance on government and philanthropic support towards achieving lasting financial stability.

Following the discussions, MEA recommended Para Kore: explore a 10 to 15% increase in current contract values; enhance online visibility for improved engagement; implement a straightforward e-commerce strategy; transition content to an online learning content platform, using a selective paywall; and establish a clear consulting framework detailing services, pricing, and fair resource allocation.

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