Te Hiku COVID Response

Te Hiku ō Te Ika Iwi Development Trust (the Development Trust) is a Charitable Trust formed in 2013 by the Iwi Chairs of NgāiTakoto, Te Aupōuri and Te Rarawa.

Set up on the cusp of the Treaty settlements, the Development Trust was established as a vehicle to drive collaborative programmes and shared outcomes that Iwi seek collectively.

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The Te Hiku Covid Response Group’s (THCR) Communications Project Plan (Project Plan) is to provide and deliver a Te Hiku-Muriwhenua centric that connects with a local audience. As will be discussed further below, the Te Hiku Community is central to and a key stakeholder in the THCR’s efforts. 

It is, therefore, imperative that the Te Hiku Community sees and recognises themselves in any communications directly relating to them. The THCR’s Project Plan has been developed to reflect those goals and principles.

  • Key and targeted messaging that connects with the Te Hiku Community; our target audience
  • An operative 0800 Number
  • Develop Te Hiku Centric localised communications
  • E-Panui
  • Social Media Campaign
  • Monthly Social Media Plan which includes Facebook analytics/data, engagement on the top organic posts, profiling of top followers, identification of networks, challenges/obstacles, and recommendations/ ideas for the following month
  • Social media report for 21 October 2021 to 16 January 2022 - Sample report

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