TUPU (Group Employment Programme)

Te Hiku ō Te Ika Iwi Development Trust (the Development Trust) is a Charitable Trust formed in 2013 by the Iwi Chairs of NgāiTakoto, Te Aupōuri and Te Rarawa.

Set up on the cusp of the Treaty settlements, the Development Trust was established as a vehicle to drive collaborative programmes and shared outcomes that Iwi seek collectively.

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In April 2021 Te Hiku Iwi Development Trust, Te Rarawa and other founding partners launched TUPU (Group Employment Programme), a two-year pilot designed as a locally developed solution to address the high rate of unemployment and the seasonal nature of work experienced by people in Kaitāia, the Te Hiku rohe (region), who are predominantly Māori.

The Food and Fibre CoVE (FFCoVE) commissioned the evaluation and in 2021 Making Everything Achievable Ltd (MEA) was engaged to undertake the evaluation for Te Hiku Iwi Development Trust (THIDT) and their partners. 

The stated aim of the evaluation was to capture “what was different about the TUPU programme and why those changes were working for TUPU where other programmes across New Zealand had not been as successful.” The evaluation was considered an opportunity to understand how TUPU is assisting to provide clear learning and development pathways to kaimahi and the impact of this flexible and well-matched approach to learning.

The evaluation report had gone through five stages before its completion. This included supplier engagement to codesign the approach, establishment of the groundwork, data gathering through interviews, thematic analysis of the transcripts, and final reporting.

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